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Chemical engineer and fermentation hobbyist with a background in wastewater, drinking water, and solid waste management. Keith enjoys natto and anything koji-related.

Keith Wong

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Quorn™: a story about Single Cell Protein

What if you could make food out of just basic chemicals and microbes? At a first glance, this seems like a great idea since microrganisms grow quickly, are thermodynamically efficient...

In industry, Jan 14, 2022

Design of the koji room (koji-muro)

I hope this post will provide a bit of guidance to anyone trying to build a koji room (also known as the koji muro or sei-kiku shitsu), especially as they scale up to the 50-1500kg/ba...

In koji, Sep 07, 2021

Flavourzyme: a purified enzyme mixture from A. oryzae

Flavourzyme™️ is a trademark name given to a mixture of refined proteolytic enzymes branded by Danish biotech company Novozymes A/S. It’s produced by the submerged fermentation of our...

In food, Jun 04, 2021

The koji making process: temperature, mycelium, and moisture

Koji generates a considerable amount of heat as it grows - if you’ve ever made koji at home, it’s almost unsettling to feel the warmth of a koji cake. Controlling that heat, along wit...

In koji, Dec 16, 2020

Temperature, water content, and polishing effects on koji

I always wondered if researchers had played around with koji growing parameters - turns out they have, and with a great level of detail in numerous studies. This post will be the firs...

In koji, Oct 10, 2020

How koji is produced on industrial scales

This post will provide a list of commercial and industrial koji fermentation equipment. It is by no means complete - I will update the list as I discover new equipment. A glossary of ...

In koji, scale-up, Jul 26, 2020