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Controlling bacterial growth in fermentation with hurdle technology and survival analysis

This article is a nice intersection of some of the topics I've been thinking about lately: bacteria, food, and survival analysis. This was first posted on my statistics website, DataO...

In safety, data-science, Apr 12, 2020

Adding koji to bread dough

The main components of flour, starches and gluten, can be modified using enzymes to change the color, flavour and mouthfeel of finished bread. Here’s an application of barley koji to ...

In bread, Mar 14, 2020

Growing koji at home

We’ll go through the steps required to make your own koji - without using koji-kin (spores). You’ll still need a source of the koji, but that can be from inoculated rice you’ve prev...

In koji, Feb 14, 2020

The many enzymes produced by Aspergillus Oryzae

These are my (incomplete and possibly inaccurate) notes on the enzymes found in Aspergillus Oryzae. Will be updated occasionally.

In koji, Jan 15, 2020